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Product name :  Knit Woven Fusible Interlining
Material : 
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Knit Fusible Interfacing


Knit Fusible Interfacing

■ Product Description:

Material: polyester
Coating: PA double dot
Weight: 52gsm-55gsm
Width: 150cm
Length: 100Y
Color: off white, snow white, black
Feature: knit, tricot, fusible, woven, medium weight, stabilizer, good adhesive, not seep, good hand feeling.
Application:  knit fusible interfacing is used for wedding dress, evening dress, fashion clothes, suit, hat, uniform.


■ Washing Condition:

washable, resist dry-cleaning.


■ Fusing Condition:

Temperature: 135℃-155℃.
1.5-3.0 kg/cm2.


■ Package & Delivery:

Payment: T/T, L/C, Paypal
Package: poly bag and knit bag or carton as requested.
Delivery time: about 7-14 days after received the deposit and depends on quantity.

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