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The content and classification of clothing accessories

lace fabric
lace fabric

Clothing accessories are mainly divided into eight categories. Detailed description and function for your reference as following.

1, Interlining material
Interlining is used in some parts of clothing to reinforce the components of the garment, such as collar interlining, chest interlining and waist interlining.

2, Pad material
Pad material mainly includes shoulder pad, chest pad, sleeve pad and collar pad. Cushion material mainly corrects the human body shape defect and molds the clothing modelling.

3, Lining fabric
Lining material is the most inner layer of garment, usually called lining fabric or inner lining, is used to cover parts or all of the clothing fabrics.

4, Wadding material
Wadding material also known as filling materials between the fabric and lining. It endows the clothing with heat preservation, shape preservation and other special functions.

5, Thread material
Thread material refers to the yarn used for stitching the garment pieces and connecting various parts. Sewing thread can play a role in strengthening clothing.

6, Fastening material
Fastening materials are used as accessories for connection and decoration, just like button, zippers, hooks, nylon buckle and straps.

7, Trademark and logo
A trademark is a visual mark used by a commodity producer, operator or service provider in order to show oneself, distinguish others, and use in his own commodity or service provider.

8, Decorative accessories
Decorative accessories has adornment effect on clothing, including lace, belt, tassels, patches, beads, water diamonds, embroidered pieces, etc.



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