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Clothing Interlining in Different Seasons

Woven interlining used in garments

Clothing has developed to today and the variety is very rich. Different seasons, different genders and different ages determine different types of clothing.

Different types of clothing and fabrics also determine the matching of interlinings with different properties. Today, i will briefly introduce what type of interlinings should be used for clothing in different seasons.

Spring and autumn clothing: The design and shape are changeable, the fabric is medium thick or thin, need soft feeling, high elasticity, high air permeability, and rich colors. A thin, dry-cleanable, soft, stretchy and breathable color-matched interlining should be used.
Recommended interlining: thin woven interlining, warp knitted interlining, four side elastic interlining

Summer clothing: The fabric is thin, soft, cool, breathable, comfortable and washable. The interlining is required to be light, soft, thin, firm, elastic and comfortable.
Recommended interlining: nylon stitched non-woven interlining, polyester non-woven interlining, polyester 30D

Winter clothing: The fabric is thick, warm, wrinkle-resistant, firm and the color is monotonous. The interlining is required to be draped, stable, wrinkle-resistant and breathable.
Recommended interlining: medium to heavy weight woven fusible interlining, wool interlining, nylon non-woven interlining




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