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The requirements of interfacing fabric for men and women’s clothing

interfacing fabric for men's clothing
interfacing fabric for men’s clothing

The raw materials for men’s clothing are pure wool or wool-polyester blends, and some of them are natural fibers such as fiber, cotton and hemp. The design of men’s clothing changes little, mainly requiring graceful styling and good shape to keep the performance. Typical clothes generally can be dry cleaned, and some fabrics are washed with water.


The wearing cycle of men’s garments tends to be longer than women’s clothing, focusing on performance rather than fashion. Therefore, the interfacing fabric for men’s clothing required good styling, conformal and washable properties. The tailoring and sewing process of men’s wear is longer than women’s, and it must undergo pressing and finishing test.


interfacing fabric for women's clothing
interfacing fabric for women’s clothing

Women’s clothing has a wide variety of fabrics and styles. The production of women’s wear focuses on fashion, and the lining needs to provide a good sense of hand and graceful shape. In addition to dresses, women’s wearing cycles are shorter than men’s, the tailoring and sewing process is less complicated, but require higher labor efficiency. The clothing made of wool and silk is durable for laundry dry, and the garments made of polyester, cotton or other fibers are suitable for water washing.