Know more about T/C resin woven fusible interfacing

Know More About T/C Resin Woven Fusible Interfacing


T/C resin woven fusible interfacing

T/C collar interfacing, also called resin lining, one of fusible interfacing categories, made of pure flax or ramie, cotton or cotton blended yarn, chemical fiber and plain cloth impregnated resin.


The resin woven interfacing of Dongguan Rose Interlining Fabrics has good crisp, better elasticity, soft feeling, sticky, paste clothes tightly, washing resistance, not wrinkle and no bubble and other characteristics.


Commonly used for shirt collar lining or require special modelling of uplift area. At present, the resin has been directly padded into collar and became stiff collar lining, or be replaced by hot melt interlining.


The hand feeling and elasticity of resin lining vary depending on the clothing and purpose. There are often soft, medium and hard three kinds of feeling, in the coding table H with a hard hand, M means medium, S said soft feel. Good quality lining resin after washing and elastic feel in little change, there often in this way to determine the quality of resin lining.


Due to the thermal shrinkage of garment interlining, we must pay attention to the collar lining and fabric shrinkage percentage. Should choose the similar shrinkage rate collar lining to bond, otherwise there will be blistering, drop phenomenon.


Polyester accounted for the main proportion of T/C interlining. Although such kind of interfacing is not as good as pure cotton fusible interfacing, but also has its unique advantages, combined with some characteristics of cotton and polyester. Just like cotton shirts are easy to wrinkle and deformation, but the shirt made of T/C does not have these drawbacks. But because of it’s hard texture, not comfortable and soft than cotton.

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