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The types of adhesive interlining and coating methods.

Adhesive Interlining
general adhesive interlining

There are two kinds of methods to distinguish Adhesive Interlining, here are base fabric types and coating metods. Different types have different called. Here are about them:


■ According to the coating method on different base fabrics:

1. Hot—Melt Transfer Fusible Interlining

2. Micro Powder Fusible Interlining

3. Powder-Dot Fusible interlining

4. Paste-Point Fusible Interlining

5. Screen-Film Compound Fusible Interlining

6. Double-Dot Fusible Interlining


■ According to the types of coating:

1. PA adhesive interfacing: good adhesive strength and dry cleaning resistant performance, mainly used for shirts, coats, etc.

2. PE adhesive interfacing: high density HDPE has good washing performance, but the demand for temperature and pressure is higher, mainly used for men’s shirts; Low density LDPE has good adhesion performance, but poor washing performance, used for temporary bonding lining cloth.

3. PES adhesive interfacing: good washing performance, strong adhesive for polyester fabrics used in the simulation of polyester fabrics.

4. EVA adhesive interfacing: with strong adhesive properties, but poor performance in washing, mainly used for temporary bonding.



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