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What types of fusible interfacing are available?

Fusible interfacing is used with all kinds of fabrics. The interfacings comes in different structures and thicknesses in order to use in with different fabrics. Before applying the fusible interfacing, we’d better consider the next step with fabrics to choose the available one.


There are several types of fusible interfacing. The two most common types of fusible interfacing are woven and no-woven interfacing. Woven interfacing like a fabric, but non-woven interfacing like a paper. Both of them are used in clothing construction. Although woven interfacing is more expensive than non-woven interfacing, but more and more people prefer to apply them because they are more environmental and durable.


Woven Fusible interfacing is created from warp and weft fibers interwoven together. This type doesn’t have any stretch, and will work well with any woven fabric. But non-woven fusible interfacing Resembles fleece or felt. There isn’t a grain line, and you can cut it in any direction.


Woven Fusible Interfacing



Non Woven Fusible Interfacingfusible-interfacing-types



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