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Development trend of garment accessories

Garment Accessories

Interlining, buttons and other clothing accessories determine the quality of garment and plays a vital role in improving the level of clothing.


Interlining (Interfacing)

Iron on interfacing series, water soluble fabric series and environmental protection products will be popular in market. In the fashion cloth, thin elastic interlining will be welcomed. Suit lining will cope with the “light, thin, soft” style, combined with the development of high-grade. All kinds of fabric and interlining adhesion have a soft, comfortable, stiff, good shape, no deformation after washing, and can fully reflect the personality style of various types of clothing.



Unsaturated resin button is full of color variation, strong simulation, excellent physical and chemical properties, has become the dominant product. The pattern of urea buttons is able to comparable with horns, wood and high hardness, dry cleaning resistance, UV resistant, more than 90% suits in western countries use urea buttons.


Natural treasures – shell button, based on the marine and freshwater pearl shell, which is the most creative buttons. Metal button, especially made of precious metals, similar to precious metals (such as 18 carat gold plating, silver plating etc.) will become the focus of the clothing company materials procurement.


Other accessories

Other accessories such as lining, zipper, belt, trademark, part of wadding and pad material are also essential for clothing, these materials will meet the clothing performance, toward the high-tech, functional, and Eco-friendly direction.



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