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Introduction of stabilizer and method of fusible stabilizer

fusible stabilizer usage
fusible stabilizer usage

When you sear “stabilizer” on Google, you will find so many results. Such as cut away stabilizer, fusible stabilizer, tear away stabilizer, embroidery stabilizer, fabric stabilizer, iron on stabilizer, etc. However, no matter how different they call it, their function is the same, to make the fabric iron on the lining and stabilize it.


The first chapter we want to introduce fusible stabilizer for fabric backing.

Fusible stabilizer, also named fusible interlining, which is coated with hot melt adhesive on the backing of base fabric. Under certain temperature, pressure and time when workable, makes the fusible interlining bonding with lining cloth, to achieve the effect of beautiful clothes.

Fusible interlining needn’t complicated sewing process in usage, very suitable for industrialized production and conform to the trends of thin clothing, pretty, great demands. Therefore, it becomes the main materials of modern garments production.


How to choose the right interlining fabric?

Compatible with the performance of clothing fabrics. These properties including weight, color, thickness, drapability, shrinkage, etc. For light color fabric, should pay more attention to the color fastness of lining. Accessories, fabrics and machinery must be tested before use the interlining.

Harmonized with the fashion design requirements. Because of the difference about interlining types and characteristics, should select the appropriate type, thickness, weight, hand feeling and elasticity according to the design of garment parts.


How to fuse the fabric with stabilizer?

You need draw a tailor template and cut fusible interlining into pieces as required, then put the piece on the opposite of bonding material. (must note the front and opposite of interlining fabric, dot surface should be adhesive with opposite of lining ). Later, use the electric iron press in the front of material, pad a thin and white cloth on the bottom of material to prevent ironing trace. If not stick, repeat iron and press again.



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