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Matching relation between fabrics and interlinings


The matching relation between the performance of fabric and interlining is an important factor to choose the fusible interlining. The physical properties of fabrics, such as thickness, elasticity, drapability and heat resistance, which are closely related to the ironing of interlinings.


The connection between elasticity of fabric and interlining is also proportional. Elastic cloth should be selected with stretch interlining, fabrics with tensile strength must be fitted with interlinings with tensile strength, which can maintain the original properties of fabrics.


The relation between the drapability of fabrics and interlinings, elegant dress modelling choose the soft and light weight interlining, the exaggerated and geometrical outline chooses the hard and stiff interfacing.


The fabric with strong heat resistance selects the interlining with high temperature of ironing. The fabric with low heat resistance selects the low temperature iron on interfacing. Correspondingly, according to the fabric to adjust the necessary pressure and ironing time.


Master the above operation mode to ensure a perfect combination of fabric and interlining.



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