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What is the relationship between clothing and interlining?

interlining widely used in clothing

With the improvement of standard of living, people’s demands for clothing has also improved. There are more and more fashionable elements appeared, and interlining is one of them. In recent years, functional fabric move towards to the market, forcing the interlining fabric must satisfy the special featues and high requirements, hence functional interlining came into being.


If clothing is a flower carefully nurtured by designers, then garment accessorie is green leaf to foil this flower. As the society developing, the effect of clothing is not just for the sake of warmth, it is also necessary to think about environmental protection, comfortable feeling, fire retardant and other factors.


In the area of interlining manufacturing technology, Dongguan Rosawell has been walking in the front of the industry, to serve customers with science and technology, pay attention to customer’s needs, adhere to continuous innovation, creat more cost-effective and high adaptabilit functional interlining fabric.


Because the interlining material is directly attached to the fabric, must satisfy all the properties of the fabric. The traditional technology has been unable to meet the needs of modern fabrics. We need to integrate new ideas into the traditional interlining manufacturing technology, and create a new generation of interlining with high-tech techniques.


Especially the coating and laminated composite processing fabric, it is combination of fabric and polymer. Not only save the fabric function, but also increased multi-functional characteristics. We believe that multi function interlining fabrics will be the main force of the lining cloth soon.



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