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You need to know the fusible interfacing for making suit

fusible interfacing for making suit
fusible interfacing for making suits

Fusible interfacing is chemical fabric, in the process of tailoring suit, through high temperature to make this kind of fiber sticky with wool material or suit lining bonded together, therefore keep the shape of clothes. High-end suits have strict requirements for tailoring, lining and interlining.


The predecessor of garments must go through finalizing the shape for three times. The principles is that making fusible interfacing with wool material bonding together to change the characteristic of wool fiber, thus stiffen the lining fabric. The advantage of fusible interfacing: produced by industrial machine which has high production efficiency and low cost, and suitable for middle and low-end consumer to choose.


The disadvantage of fusible interfacing: affected by the viscosity of interfacing, its life expectancy is shorter than sewing interfacing (full or half hemp interfacing). After wearing a period of time, the phenomenon of bubbing will be caused.


On the market, many ready-made suits and business clothes are made of fusible interfacing. We all know that most of enterprise purchase them in bulk because of its low cost. But if you have enough budget and want to customize a set of high-grade suit, may as well choose wool lining, quality will be relatively good and durable.

fusible interfacing used in making suits



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