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Why the storage time of non-woven lining should not be too long

non woven interlining

The price of non woven interlining in the market is not high, the market is good, some stores are also doing well, but in short supply. People will wonder why the stores don’t keep more inventory. This is about the problem of the storage time.


Everything has its shelf life, so does non woven interlining. All the interlining fabrics have shelf life, and non woven interlining is relatively shorter.


We know that non woven interlining was also called paper lining or interlining paper, the origin of these aliases well explained it. It Looks like paper structure, and made of chemical fiber, the hot melt adhesive powder coated on the surface is chemical too.


After a long period of storage, the performance of base fabric declined, the hand feeling will become very brittle and the tensile strength becomes weak, it is easy torn by slightly force.


The function of hot melt coating will also get worse after a long time storage, and the most intuitive feeling is that the hot melt coating will fall off. Using such non woven liner for bonding, the stripping intensity is very poor, some even without any adhesion.


Conclusion: we must pay attention to the storage time of non-woven interlining, and keep it in a dry and ventilated place.



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