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The main purpose of PET spunbond nonwoven fabric

PET spunbond nonwoven fabric
PET spunbond nonwoven fabric

Our company supply polyester spun-bonded hot-rolled non-woven fabrics, the weight of products can be produced from 10g to 220g and the width of finished fabric can reach up to 3.2 meter.


PET spunbond non woven fabric has high strength, high temperature resistant (can be used in 180 ℃ environment for a long term), ageing resistance, uv resistance, high elongation, good stability and permeability, anti-corrosion, sound insulation, non-toxic and other characteristics.


Product Specification

Finished product wide: 3200mm
Maximum volume diameter: 1500mm
Weight range: 15gsm-220gsm
Color: printing


The Main Purpose

1. Household products: packaging bag for fabric softener, additives and vacuum cleaner.
2. Package: cable bag, handbag, collect bag and flower packing material.
3. Decoration: wall decorative cloth, floor coverings, electrostatic flocking base cloth.
4. Agriculture: agricultural harvest, crop and plant protection material, weed protection belt.
5. Waterproof material: base fabric of high-grade breathable and waterproof material.
6. Industrial application: filter materials, insulation materials, electrical appliances. Reinforcing material and supporting material.
7. Car decoration materials.
8. Others: compound film base cloth, baby and adult diapers, sanitary napkin, protective equipment, etc.



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